The Team

TRAMP OF THE CENTURY unites 7 seasoned musicians under the direction of Roger Leclerc. They are dedicated in delivering Supertramp's music in all its authenticity and in sharing their passion for the sound of Supertramp. It's been too long, don't you agree?

Roger Leclerc, piano - vocal

Bernard Baribeau, saxophones - harmonica - vocal

Sylvain Auclair, vocal (Roger Hodgson's voice)

Charles Bellerose, bass - vocal

Nicolas Beaudoin, drums

Richard Guérard, guitars - lead vocal ( Rick Davies' voice)

Sébastien Cloutier, keyboard - guitars - vocal

Julie Nadon - Miss Breakfast in America

Roger Leclerc

Piano - vocal

In its early teens, Roger discovers music. After playing classical guitar for a while, he then turns to the piano and never looked back. He's played in several formations in the 80's and toured across the province. He then added composing and arranging in his palette and, in the 90's, he writes and arranges for many upcoming artists. In 2000, he creates Demo Clic studio, dedicated in helping young and promising talents. But the itch to play is too strong and he decides to start a band dedicated in playing the music of one of his favourite bands: SUPERTRAMP.

team Roger Leclerc 2017
Team Bernard Baribeau 2017

Bernard Baribeau

Saxophones - harmonica - vocal

Since his first performance at 14 years old, the passion and symbiosis between Bernard and his saxophone has never faded away. After graduating from the Québec music conservatory in 1995, Bernard moved to Montreal to enhance his skills in jazz and pop music with great musicians such as Jean-Pierre Zanella and Lauraine Desmarais at Cegep Saint-Laurent. A few months later, he joined the famous disco-funk tribute Boogie Wonder Band and toured all over Canada, the USA, Caribbean, China and Japan for over 13 years. He also contributed as a writer and performer on several of this colorful and energic band’s albums.Winner of the "Couleur Jazz Award" in 2009 (Université de Montréal), this versatile musician was given the opportunity to perform with his Coalition Jazz Band at the Montreal International Jazz Festival that same year. It’s with a lot of enthusiasm and devotion that Bernard brings his extensive experience and background to Tramp of The Century for almost 9 years now. It is a great privilege for him to reproduce the sound and soul of Supertramp in the modern day.

Sylvain Auclair

Vocal - (Roger Hodgson's voice)Sylvain Auclair has always distinguished himself by his musical diversity and his ability to personify different vocal style. Sylvain Auclair is a singer, musician, songwriter and producer who is a veteran of Montreal's "metal-progressive" scene. He is internationally acclaimed as a singer, bassist, stickman (Chapman Stick) and as co-founder of HEAVEN'S CRY and as the singe, bassist of KARCIUS.

He has 6 albums including Food For Thought Substitute (1996), Primal Power Addiction (2002), Wheels Of Impermanence (2014), Outcast (2016) with HEAVEN'S CRY and The First Day (2014), The Fold (2018) with KARCIUS.Poly self-taught instrumentalist, he has been evolving professionally since 1989 in the music business, playing with his groups throughout North America, South America and Europe.In addition to performing with several tribute bands including LAZARUS HEART (Sting & The Police), TRAMP OF THE CENTURY (Supertramp) and THE WALL EXTRAVAGANZA (Pink Floyd), he shared the stage with several renowned artists including Marillion, Saga, Threashold, Planet X, Uli Jon Roth, Symphony X, Pain Of Salvation, Michel Pagliaro, Jean Leloup, Kevin Parent, Claude Dubois, The Box, etc.He has performed at numerous renowned festivals including ProgSud 2010 (Belgium), Le Crescendo 2012 & 2018 (France), Amnesia RockFest 2014 (Montreal), ProgPower USA 2013 (Atlanta), ProgPower Europe 2002 & 2012 (Holland), Festival Montreal Jazz International and the Francofolies de Montréal. In 2015 he participated in the edition of LA VOIX III (Montreal).His charisma, his rigor and his love of music makes Sylvain Auclair a unique and authentic artist.www.sylvainauclair.com

Team Sylvain Auclair 2017
Team Charles Bellerose 2017

Charles Bellerose

Bass - vocal

Playing bass for more than 30 years, Charles is a versatile musician that has been involved in various styles such as flamenco, fusion, blues, rock and jazz. It allowed him to perform in many different contexts from the vocal jazz of Karen Young to the Blues Rock of the Labaye Band. He's worked live and in studio in many projects over the years. Diehard fan of Supertramp since its teens (it was his first rock concert at the age of 14), it's with an immense pleasure that he celebrates the opportunity to play the music that inspired him to play bass.

Nicolas Beaudoin


Nicolas started on the drums at 13. At 16, he's already on tour with many bands. As a percussionist in school bands, he performed in numerous competitions, developing not only his technical skills but also his knowledge of musical theory. He also began teaching drums at 20. His discovery and love of fusion-jazz in his early 20's just pushed him to new technical heights. As comfortable in a jazz trio context at the Château Frontenac as he is on the Woodstock-en-Beauce stage playing heavy rock, Nicholas' versatility is second to none.

He played with numerous bands from blues guitar hero Jimmy James formation to Afterglow a tribute to Genesis. Still playing for Slippermen and the Christian Nadon quartet, he was one of the first member of the team put up by Roger to form TRAMP OF THE CENTURY.

Team Nicolas Beaudoin 2017
Team Richard Guerard 2017

Richard Guérard

Guitars - lead vocal - ( Rick Davies' voice)

Richard touched his first six strings at the early age of 11 and immediately fell in love. He knew that that magic would be with him for the rest of his life. And for more then 30 years now, he's worked at perfecting his craft. His ability to replicate riffs and solos is a major asset to a tribute band such as TRAMP OF THE CENTURY. He also worked hard on his ability to sing lead as well as intricate harmonies on back vocals. He's played a lot in the last 20 years, notably for Busted Credit for a dozen of years. He also played in a rock duo in the 90's with Bruno Pelletier's bass player, Luc Villeneuve. Why a tribute to Supertramp?

For the challenge of reproducing as faithfully as possible the beauty and richness of Hodgson's guitar work and for the complexity of his wah playing! But also, for the pleasure of singing Rick Davies' songs with the same concern for authenticity and exactitude he displays on his guitar playing.

Sébastien Cloutier

Keyboard - guitars - vocal

From the age of four, he had this immense curiosity for the furniture that was lying in the living room that was nicknamed: The Piano! It was'nt too long before he began lessons at the age of five, he was enrolled at the Conservatory of Music in Toronto. Throughout his life, he was bathing in a completely eclectic musical environment, waltzing between classical music at the conservatory to sophisticated pop and progressive rock and walkabouts Jazz Festival with his parents, in Highschool between jazzband and Harmony and the very first professional contracts to play classic rock or accompany singers, and the College at the University of Jazzpop.

With no limit, he passes easily from Hardcore punk to jazz, blues, classic rock, pop, folk, funk, progressive, experimental, both in his musical tastes or on stage with various projects. Since the age of 14, he now has to his credit a nice total of aboutnearly 1200 shows played, the chance of having played in the United States, Morocco, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Portugal, Germany and Holland, to have recorded a dozen albums, having accompanied artists such as Ronnie Caryl, Eric Poulin, Martin Levac, Gabrielle Destroismaisons, Daniel Casavant, Jean-Luc Thievent and have been part of many courses of any kind, both in composition and in tribute bands! Today, he found a niche for any special Classic Rock Progressive Rock, with a rare knowledge of vintage instruments witch is unusual at a young age and having an excellent understanding and ease of reproduction of their works context in different musical styles as well as the reproduction of different tones ... that is why there is no difficulty to Sebastian on the keyboards, the guitars 12 strings and vocally, to recreate the magical universe of Supertramp, one of many groups he admires!

You can also see or hear him with Hamadryad, his own group of Progressive composition, JellyFiche (Progressive), The Voodoo Monx (Funk), André Lambert Quintet (Jazz), Jean-Luc Thievent (Rock Francophone) The Red and the Others (Experimental) and tributes to Phil Collins, Deep Purple, Sting / The Police and Genesis. To know more about the "Bébitte" Just meet him at the show, don't worry ... he's not contagious, but his showmanship is!

Team Sebastien Cloutier 2017
Team Julie

Julie Nadon

Miss Breakfast in America

Julie was always involved in the breakfast business. She worked for more than 20 years in a famous restaurant, in School shows and she worked in a theater as a drama actrice in high school in St-Eustache. She also joined on stage some Quebec’s celebrities like Dominique & Martin. She loved to sing in pubs & bars with Toyo who at the time was at his first steps, so this is with pleasure that she goes back on a stage with Tramp of the Century to continue her adventure.

Technical Team

Dominique Morissette : Lights & Fade

Ivanhoé Arseneault : Sound man & Tech management

Roger Leclerc : Management, Communications and Press Relations

Mike D’Amours: Stage Scenery

Yan St-Onge : guitar-tech, responsible for the stage and accessories


A tribute to SUPERTRAMP

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